Prana Pump


Being Bold is daring to go outside your comfort zone. It's blowing past your boundaries. Being Bold is owning who you are without holding back. Being Bold is being willing to transform from the inside out. Being Bold is working hard to play hard.

Prana Pump is Bold yoga. It incorporates High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) and weight training within a foundational yoga practice. Prana Pump uses hand weights and cardio movements that will push you past your boundaries into a whole new level of mental and physical growth. This practice brings confidence, boosts energy, revs up the metabolism, and shows how strong and capable you are. In a Prana Pump class, the energy is high, the music is upbeat, and the intention is loaded with good vibes, centered around self acceptance and a positive body image. Prana Pump is designed to tone not just your body but also your mental space; the toning of the physical body is a positive side effect. We work hard in Prana Pump to feel empowered because the time to feel empowered is now. So, how will you be Bold?



Prana Pump is a game changer...never have I had a workout that combines body, mind, and soul so seamlessly. Prana Pump is about loving yourself just as you are and pushing your body to what it’s capable of––which is a lot!...What it’s gotten me is an appreciation and gratitude for my strength and focus, not to mention my ass has never looked better.
— Grace
Every time I walk out of Addie Jo’s Prana Pump class I feel confident, humbled, and ultimately proud of myself and my body...I have been practicing Prana Pump for a couple of months now and I feel mentally and physically stronger than I ever have.
— Miranda
Prana Pump is a place to honor your body and have fun! With a variety of postures that work the whole body, Prana Pump is an excellent workout and compliments a traditional Hatha yoga practice beautifully.
— Michael
During my lunch breaks I would go to her Prana Pump class and strip down in the dressing room to change into my yoga clothes. There is this long mirror in the room and I would examine my body and pick myself apart before going to class; my thighs are too big, my stomach bulges out, I don’t look like a yogi girl...After class I changed back into my work clothes and my appearance dramatically changed. I looked in the mirror and saw someone strong, someone confident, and someone reaching their goals. It was then I realized my body didn’t change suddenly, but my perspective had shifted. Addie Jo has helped immensely with that paradigm development and I am incredibly grateful. Her classes are tough, you get sweaty and work your muscles, but she always takes the time to work on your personal evolution and that has helped the most.
— Cora