Be Bold.
— Addie Jo Bannerman

Meet your Prana Pump Mama, Addie Jo. She was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and, as soon as she could walk, was playing on the soccer field. Growing up, her mother was a personal trainer. After school, she would go to the gym and volunteer. Some kids' after school playgrounds were the actual playground; Addie Jo's was the gym. She was the young girl who eagerly ran up to the body builders asking them what they were doing, and they were patient enough to show her. Being raised in an environment which harnesses discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, Addie Jo fell in love with fitness and health at a young age.


In 2012, Addie Jo began her yoga journey and eventually became a Certified Yoga Teacher through Tamal Dodge's Power Vinyasa Training. Combining her love of fitness and yoga together had always been in the back of her mind. She wanted more. She wanted to create something that was a combination of everything she loved: Yoga, HIIT, and weight training. She started practicing in her home, creating flows and experimenting with combining weights into yoga postures. This was where the birth of Prana Pump began.


Addie Jo noticed when she combined all of these powerful elements together for her workout, her body became stronger faster than any other workout she had tried. Over time, she started to notice herself love and appreciate her body. She became amazed at what her body could do. Exercises that at first seemed impossible soon became her warm up. When she started teaching Prana Pump to her students, she noticed the same growth both mentally and physically. Over time, students started to share their stories about how Prana Pump gave them a positive self-image.


Prana Pump's mantra of self-love and self-acceptance is something that occurred organically. One of the many great aspects of Prana Pump is that Addie Jo is along for the ride with you. She practices each flow before she teaches it so she can experience it just as you do. She has created a style of yoga that is like no other and she hopes that you will become part of the Prana Pump Pack.